White Peony Bai Mu Dan
Also known as White Peony, Bai Mu Dan is made from plucks of one leaf shoot with two young leaves. This is a white tea with a silvery bud, and possesses a flavour and properties that suit most food choices.

* Tastes better if steeped using natural mineral water (ph8) *

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50 gram | 200 cups

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Category: China
Tags: White Peony Bai Mu Dan White tea
Like the coming together of two young lovers creates a memorable shift in the paradigms of the mundane, Bai Mu Dan owes its speciality to two young leaves. As mentioned, it is no less a love story between the two leaves that makes this tea an epitome of aroma and flavour. Obtained from the plucks of one leaf shoot and the aforementioned two young leaves, Bai Mu Dan is one of the most preferred hot beverages by white tea drinkers.

Also known as White Peony, the tea contains a silvery bud and a gentle flavour to suit your palate. The taste lingers for a while, but wouldn't be described as something that overpowers you. It is subtle and yet engulfs you within its own tale of love for tea. Bai Mu Dan is a great accompaniment with most types of food as it comprises digestive properties. To add to that, its texture and taste is an additional aspect and has a natural cooling effect on the drinker. Goes best with large meals, especially on hot days.

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Config Yes
Tea Variety White tea
Classification Orthodox
Total Weight 50 gram
Total Cups 200 cups
Recommended When To Drink 1/2 hour After meal
Best Season To Drink Autumn
Amount Of Tea Leaves 5 gram
No of Cups 6 cup of 200ml
Caffeine Low
Shipping Time 6-7 days
Return (only if the product is unopened) 8 days

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