Thai Tea Green Blend
Discovered in 1941, the Thai Tea Green (Blended) shares its classification with Assam teas grown in India and Sri Lanka. It has a unique aroma and sweet and refreshing taste. Consumed best with milk and sugar, this is the most preferred tea of the people of Thailand.

* Tastes better if steeped using natural mineral water (ph8) *

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100 gram | 30 cups

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Tags: Thai Tea Green Blend Blend tea (Green)
Man is driven by the urge to explore and discover. And it is on several such expeditions and travels that we have discovered many delights that nature has to offer. Hidden away among the landscape, when found these delights make their way to our everyday life. Discovered back in 1941 thanks to an exploration drive. This tea was growing amid wild shrubbery on the mountains. Rather surprisingly, it was discovered that the tea belonged to the same class of Assam teas that were planted in India and Sri Lanka. As the name suggests, the Thai Tea Green comes originally from Thailand.

The Thai Tea Green (Blended) is one of the most highly consumed teas by Thais and is most preferred as an iced tea. In earlier times, tea leaves were fermented and then chewed to give a refreshing feeling. The tea is also fermented and the next process that follows is roasting. The combination of the two processes result in the emission of a unique fragrance. These processes also render a refreshing flavour to this tea as well. This tea goes best with milk and sugar and serves as a refreshing drink.

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Config Yes
Tea Variety Blend tea (Green)
Classification Blend
Total Weight 100 gram
Total Cups 30 cups
Recommended When To Drink any time
Best Season To Drink All Season
Amount Of Tea Leaves 5 gram
No of Cups 1 cup of 150ml
Caffeine Low
Shipping Time 6-7 days
Return (only if the product is unopened) 8 days

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