GlobaliTea Rewards & Returns

GlobaliTea has an effective Rewards and Returns Policy to ensure customer satisfaction. A happy customer is one of our foremost goals and hence we so our best to ensure our Rewards and Returns Policy is reflective of that.

  • If you receive a defective product (tea or tea ware) we urge you to contact GlobaliTea within 30 days of receiving the defective product. You may do so via the contact page on this portal.
  • We request you to send an image of the defective product for our rewards and returns team to evaluate the defect and provide you with an explanation and return speedily. Everyone has a phone on their camera these days and a bright, clear image that shows the defective or damaged area would suffice.
  • If the defect is with regard to taste, no image is required to be attached. However, contacting us shortly on discovering this defect is imperative. We also request you not to consume any more quantity if you find a defect with regard to taste.
  • We request you to return all defective and damaged products obtained via this portal in an unused condition.
  • We will ensure that the defective or damaged product will be picked up from your location and brought back to us.
  • After inspection and evaluation, if our rewards and returns team finds the product to be actually defective and damaged and that you have adhered to all our instructions, they will arrange for a replacement product and / or reward or gift as deemed appropriate by them.