GlobaliTea Privacy Policy

At GlobaliTea, we do our utmost best to ensure that your privacy and contact details are protected. To facilitate this process, we ensure that our portal functions on a reputable and secure server. We also ensure that all data and contact details entered by all our users and customers are stored in a safe and secure location on the server. We also conduct regular audits to ensure that your data remains private and secure from potential malicious attacks on our server.

We expect and understand that our users are aware that:

  • Before accessing the rest of the portal, all users have read, understood and accepted the Privacy Policy of this portal.
  • The Privacy Policy of this portal is applicable solely to this portal alone. It may not be applicable to any other property or holding of the GlobaliTea group or company.
  • The Privacy Policy of this portal can be changed any time without any prior notice given to users.
  • By accessing and using this portal, you agree to allow GlobaliTea access your data such as device type, location, IP address, etc.
  • GlobaliTea may drop cookies in your browser to understand your usage preferences and also make your browsing experience better.
  • We also monitor frequently visited pages in order to understand user behaviour and provide you with a better browsing and buying experience.
  • By providing your contact details as a visitor, user, or customer on this portal, you agree that GlobaliTea reserves the right to send you content, promotions, information and recommendations as deemed appropriate by the portal, its associates and the company.

Your Data:

  • You agree that for accessing the portal effectively, you must provide:
  • Your current and correct contact details.
  • Personal information to make your portal usage experience better.
  • Personal information to customise products as deemed appropriate by GlobaliTea.
  • This data is vital for us to make data-driven, educated and informed decisions to enhance this portal and your user experience.

Using Your Information:

  • GlobaliTea will never sell or trade your personal information for any commercial, illegal or inappropriate use.
  • We will use your information solely to ensure that you are provided the best of services by GlobaliTea.
  • We may share your contact details with our subsidiaries, parent company, associates and internal teams to contact you with promotions, recommendations, product launches, information, gifts, prizes, etc., for your benefit.
  • Your details will be used for imperative activity such as contacting you regarding your orders and queries, fulfilling your orders, providing you with apt service and sending you details such as order status and order tracking.