Dancong Yellow branch
The rare Dan Cong Yellow premium Oolong tea will make you realize how time and favourable climate can turn big long leaves of an old tree into this distinctive, refreshing tangy, nectar-like amber drink that will linker on your palate and in your mind right from the first sip.

* Tastes better if steeped using natural mineral water (ph8) *

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50 gram | 90 cups

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Category: China
Tags: Blue Tea Oolong tea Oolong
Time renders the rare 'Huang Zhe Xiang', also known as Yellow Fragrance, into a deep rooted tree. Dotting the steep mountain slopes and enhanced with cool evening temperatures and hot, lightly humid days, the Dan Cong Yellow grows in the perfect environment making the red rich soil of the WuDong Mountain area its home. Added to this the fresh springs cut through subterranean channels to nourish the trees. The rarity of its length makes these wonderful leaves, very special. When dried, these leaves become tight and thin and seem glossy and dark in color. Come mid-May and it's time to harvest the dark glossy tea leaves to brew the flavourful amber coloured liquor.

Even the farmer carefully processes his harvest to ensure the enticing flavour, taste and texture of this tea, stays intact when brewed. Its silken texture and nectar-sweet taste creates an interesting cornucopia of flavour that you savour. The Dan Cong Yellow Premium Oolong Tea's toothsome sweet aftertaste has a strong effect on secreting saliva, thus assisting in proper breaking down of food and speedy digestion. And we promise you that a sip of this delectable healthy tea, will endlessly linger in your senses for a good while.

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Tea Variety Blue Tea Oolong tea
Classification Oolong
Total Weight 50 gram
Total Cups 90 cups
Recommended When To Drink 1/2 hour After meal
Best Season To Drink Autumn
Amount Of Tea Leaves 5 gram
No of Cups 3 cup of 200ml
Caffeine Medium
Shipping Time 6-7 days
Return (only if the product is unopened) 8 days

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