Da Hong Pao Cinnamon
A heady mix of fruit and flower aroma, this sweet oolong tea, is the most expensive tea in the world. Cultured in the WuYi mountains, and retaining it’s woodiness and cinnamon taste, this rare tea is a tea connoisseur’s dream.

* Tastes better if steeped using natural mineral water (ph8) *

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50 gram | 250 cups

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Category: China
Tags: Blue Tea Oolong tea Oolong
A wise man once said that those who dwell in forests aren't looking for an experience that is larger than life per se. They accept and adapt what they find and look for the detail with due diligence that can make something simple and seamless into something out of the ordinary. Like a forest dweller looking for detail to make something exceptional, this tea is a rare oolong tea, hand sculpted into dragon-like shapes, and grown only in the WuYi mountains. Da Hang Pao, is bursting with cinnamon mint with a soft, suggestive woodiness and is also known as Big Red Robe.

According to legend, these leaves cured an Emperor’s mother, when she fell ill in the mountains. In reciprocation, the Emperor, wrapped expensive red cloth over four tea bushes to protect them from the elements. These trees are still harvested, and are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at an auction. This is the most expensive tea in the world, gram for gram more expensive than gold. Like fine wine, time only smoothens the flavor of this tea. A flower and fruit cocktail aroma coupled with the sweetness and mellowness of the after rains, this tea will remain legend.

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Tea Variety Blue Tea Oolong tea
Classification Oolong
Total Weight 50 gram
Total Cups 250 cups
Recommended When To Drink 1/2 hour After meal
Best Season To Drink All Season
Amount Of Tea Leaves 5 gram
No of Cups 5 cup of 200ml
Caffeine Medium
Shipping Time 6-7 days
Return (only if the product is unopened) 8 days

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