Black Rose
Tossing between the notes of musky and floral, the Black Rose Pu-erh tea is the game flavour your tongue loves. And as unique as that is, this tea has the ability to break down fats and help with weight loss as well.

* Tastes better if steeped using natural mineral water (ph8) *

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50 gram | 120 cups

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Category: China
Tags: Black Rose Dark tea
The game is always there for the taking. However, it is a well-established fact that seasoned players rule the game. The same phrase is applicable to the story of Black Rose Pu-erh tea. This tea goes through a process of secondary oxidisation and post fermentation. As a result of this process, the tea is ripened or cooked to prepare it for longer storage and age. Age is crucial to this tea, as it is what lends much of the flavour to it. Another generous contributor to the flavour is a little pink rose bud that is packed within the cake of the tea.

When you are drinking a cup of Black Rose Pu-erh tea, prepare your palate for a musky, floral taste. And the aroma - it is just captivating and reminiscent of its taste. Of course, while you are at it, don't forget the health benefits of the tea as well. Black Rose tea is known to have exemplary fat reduction properties and is usually chosen as an accompaniment at feasts or large meals.

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Config Yes
Tea Variety Dark tea
Classification Pu-erh
Total Weight 50 gram
Total Cups 120 cups
Recommended When To Drink 1/2 hour Before meal
Best Season To Drink Winter
Amount Of Tea Leaves 5 gram
No of Cups 4 cup of 200ml
Caffeine Medium
Shipping Time 6-7 days
Return (only if the product is unopened) 8 days

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