About Us

Tea is one of the most highly preferred beverages across the world. The variety, aroma, taste, liquor, colour, composition and effects of tea are numerous. What has been lacking is a platform that makes it simpler to buy teas of exceptional flavours and legendary origins.

Me My Tea addresses that. We possess freshness and exuberance. The team that spearheads the company has operated under diverse arenas of the industry and are well aware of the nuances, requisites and demands of the industry. We are aware of varieties of tea, where to acquire them from, the manner in which it should be packaged, served and consumed. Me My Tea provides a multitude of options, flavours, varieties and sources, to ensure that every tea lover gets the very best that the gardens of the World can offer.

We have curated the most aromatic and delicious teas after years of connoisseurship with superior teas. Our best tea types are obtained from the reputed plantations world over.